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Clean Shave Day Today!!! (October 2nd)

Folks, We’re excited to be kicking of the October growing season with several proud mustache enthusiast who are looking to do something good for kids!


Meet us tonight at Cleary’s in Boston for a couple brewski’s at 7:30PM for and get some shweet shwag while your there.





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Come grow with us October 2012!

We’ll be kicking it with the rest of the nation of mustaches for kids this year, in an effort to rake more money then we ever have for the kids!

Please join us in growing by signing up here!

A special shout out to Redditors who have joined our efforts this year, many thanks!

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2012 Stache Bash Announced!

Your tenure is nearing its end for this year, but you have one more night to shine! Please bring your grower to our final checkpoint / quasi-Stache Bash this THURSDAY night, 8PM at…. THE HONG KONG in Harvard Square (1238 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge). The generous proprietors are going to do the same deal for us that they did last year – that is, they’ll pick a specific drink/type of booze, and for every one of them we buy they will donate a portion of those proceeds to our DonorsChoose page.

Because of our diminutive size and general laziness this year, we’re taking our final checkpoint in a less formal direction, and won’t be hosting all of the events that have accompanied Stache Bash in past years. Instead, we’ll have a few minor mustache activities but will generally plan to get together and pat one another on the back for the great jobs we all did helping kids. PLEASE try to make it if you can – there’s nothing sadder than a lonely mustache.

In other news, remember that all donations this week will be DOUBLED by DonorsChoose, so remind all your donors to enter the match code “M4KBOSTON” at the checkout screen and watch the money pile up!

Hope to see you all on Thursday!

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CheckPoint 3 What What!!!!

The quizzical looks that say “is he being lazy about his shaving, or is that intentional?” are dying down and it is now clear that yes, that mustache is no accident. So, join your fellow mustaches TONIGHT (yes Wednesday again) at Clerys (113 Dartmouth Street) in Back Bay. We are pushing the time back to 8pm though, in an effort to help the BBC growing team make the checkpoint. Being the top fundraisers has its perks.

Our chapter’s current total is $4,577 – that’s nearly $2K since last week!

And don’t forget – we are supposedly growing mustaches for kids, not just to impress the ladies, which means setting up a giving page at (yes, one or two of you still haven’t done this). It takes 3 minutes, we promise.
Just go here:

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Check Point 2 Tomorrow! (Jan 18,2012)

At this point your mustaches-in-training are probably starting to offer some protection from the elements – fortuitous timing given the recent change in the weather. So, come show what you’ve got and grab a beer at this week’s Mustache support group TOMORROW NIGHT (that’s Wednesday the 18th, not Thursday this week) – still at 7:00, still at Clerys (113 Dartmouth Street) in Back Bay.
We hear rumors that our current fundraising leaders, Boston Biomedical Consultants ($845), will be making an appearance, so don’t miss it!

Our chapter’s current total is $2,789 – keep up the good work!

And don’t forget – we are supposedly growing mustaches for kids, not just to impress the ladies, which means setting up a giving page at It’s easy, we promise.
To set up your DonorsChoose growing page, just go here:

Finally, don’t forget to fundraise. That means:

Send emails
Wear buttons (if you don’t have any, we’ll give you a bunch tomorrow night)
Pass our M4K business cards
Talk to people (yes, we know this is difficult with two weeks worth of mustache – eye contact is not mandatory)

See you tomorrow!

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CheckPoint 1 @ Clery’s Jan 12, 2012!

Now that your upper lip is starting to resemble the surface of a peach rather than a baby’s business end, come join us in a “Mustache Safe Space” tomorrow night Thursday, January 12th at Clerys (113 Dartmouth Street) in Back Bay starting 7:00 for the Week 1 check-in! There will be beer.

We’re hoping that most of you simply couldn’t make Clean Shave Day last week, but are still planning to grow. Otherwise, there are going to be some very lonely mustaches and unsupported kids this year. Nevertheless, our scrappy band of merry mustaches will move forward, leaving a trail of joy and school supplies in our wake.

And remember, it’s not too late to start! You just need to do two simple things:

Set up your DonorsChoose growing page here:
Don’t shave your upper lip

Fundraising Tips

(Not a sermon, just a thought.)

Use your propaganda! Wear your button and pass out your business cards (all available at each check-in.) Or get creative with the items on our resources page.
Pimp your vanity URL like crazy. (ahem – email signature?)
Facebook is your friend! Upload profile pics and your status regularly
Connect your Giving Page with Facebook! It does all the work for you. Seriously.
Follow Baltimore’s tips for creating a great Giving Page.

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Clean Shave 2012! Tonight!

Today is Shaving Day, when all volunteer Growers must shave off any pre-existing facial hair before embarking on a month-long journey of questionable grooming and self-discovery!

We invite all Growers, potential Growers, friends of Growers, and lovers of facial hair and charity to join us THIS EVENING at our first event at Clerys (113 Dartmouth Street) starting around 7:00.

A number of you have reached out and told us you can’t make it tonight, which is no problem. The good news is that you don’t have to be at the events to start growing, so even if you won’t be with us tonight, make sure you head over to our DonorsChoose page and set up your personal giving page – it’s easy, I swear.

In addition, take a look at our Grower Resources page for some fundraising ideas and sample emails you can start sending out to unsuspecting friends, family, colleagues, and random people you emailed once about that po-go stick they were selling on Craigslist.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful mugs tonight, and if you can’t make it we look forward to seeing those newborn ‘staches next Thursday, newly emerging from their 11-month incubation.

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We’re getting a New LOGO!

As a small group of scruffy lipped do gooders, we’re not much for design and marketing. But our competitive nature led us to enter the Does Your Logo Suck Competition thrown by Romanelli Communications. Annnnnnd WE WON!

Looking forward to restyling the ‘Stache with these great folks!

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M4K Boston – ‘Stache Bash 2011!!!

Thanks to everyone for participating in a great growing season!

See you next year!

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Mustache = Talk Show Super Star

It’s really just that simple.

Are you ready to start growing with us?

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